Oya Narin

Ms. Oya Narin was born in İstanbul, She graduated St.Michel high school and the Bachelors Degree from the Hotel Ecoliere Lousanne in Switzerland.

She started her professional career by working at Hotel Metropole in Geneve / Switzerland, and Sheraton Hotels Hawaii Pasific Division.

She worked at Narin Textile industry since 1988 and worked at various dept. as a manager at Martı Hotels and Marinas then has become Chairwomen of Marti Hotels chain since 2008.

She became a Chairwomen of the board of Turkish Tourism Investers Assosiation (TTYD) which she has been the member since 1988.

Martı Hotels and Marinas - Chairwomen

Martı GYO Real Estate Invest. Inc. - Vice President

LILA Music Production Inc.- Chairwomen

She is one of the founders and the Board Member of the Autism Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation - TOHUM

Memberships of the foundations and the associations:

DEIK - The Chairwoman of the founder commitee of the foreign economic relation committee

TOBB - The Vice President & the member of women entrepreneur committee of Tourism Assembly

TÜSİAD - The member of tourism working group

TUROB – The Member of the Hotel owners & Operators unity

GETOP – The Member of the South Aegean hotel owners unity

KETAV – The Member of the promotion foundation of Kemer region

KAGİDER – The Member of the Turksh women entrepreneur association

SKAL - The Member of Istanbul

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