< < Speech of Mr. Haluk Dinçer, President of TÜSİAD – “B20 Turkey Inaugural Meeting”

Speech of Mr. Haluk Dinçer, President of TÜSİAD – “B20 Turkey Inaugural Meeting”

Distinguished members of the B20 Community, Dear Guests,

I would like to welcome you as the President of TÜSİAD, Turkish Industry & Business Association. Founded 43 years ago, TÜSİAD is the most influential non-governmental, non-profit business organization not only in Turkey but also at international level.

We have participated and actively contributed to the B20 Summits since the 2009 London Summit. Moreover, being a founding member of the B20 Coalition created by prominent independent business organizations gathered for the G20’s private sector summit, TÜSİAD continues to pinpoint main global challenges and priorities for business to the G20 leaderships. 

As TÜSİAD, we are excited to be an integral part of the B20 Turkey leadership. B20 Platform offers a unique opportunity to global business to persuade the G20 leaders and decision-makers for a further pro-business global trade and investment environment by speaking with one voice. We have experienced the strength and influence of B20 during Australia Presidency this year. Around half of the commitments in the G20 communiqué adopted in Brisbane this November reflect recommendations that were made by the B20 Australia. Moreover, 14 out of 20 of the B20 recommendations are reflected in the G20 communiqué. This points out to the fact that B20’s input was significant and it was endorsed by the G20. As members of the B20 we have to advocate these recommendations at national levels.

On the other hand, while endorsing the G20’s goal of lifting GDP by an additional 2.1 per cent by 2018, which is the equivalent of adding $2 trillion to global output we as business have the responsibility to follow and support the implementation of individual country growth strategy commitments to meet this target.


Distinguished Guests,

To provide an input to the B20 Turkey discussions to be held throughout the year, TÜSİAD conducted a global project entitled “Business Priorities for Recommendations of Turkey’s G20 Presidential Term in 2015” and launched it in November 2014. The study examines private sector’s priorities at national and global levels with special focus on the increasing role of emerging markets and G20 in the world economy. The sample of the study is selected regarding sectorial and regional diversity, along with the representation of companies of all sizes.

As the result of the survey, the following priorities in bold stood out as the most significant ones for the business world compared to others:

1.         Sustainable and green growth

2.         Human capital and employment

3.         Anti-corruption

4.         Global welfare

5.         Governance and Control

6.         Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In addition to the above six priorities, ICT appears as a trending priority having especially two dimensions: establishing and improving necessary legal, regulatory and policy environments related with ICT sector and encouraging service competition by driving innovation.

We are glad to see the meaningful similarity between the findings of our report and B20 Turkey priorities. We very much hope that these findings contribute to the work of the B20 Turkey Task Forces.

Presidency term is an important opportunity for Turkey and TÜSİAD to voice the business interests at a global level. We believe that continuity between the G20/B20 leaderships, priorities and agenda items should be taken into account. Our expectation is having an inclusive approach in determining the recommendations of B20 while for effectiveness, the recommendations should be less in quantity, but concrete and focused.

I wish all the members of B20 community a successful and result oriented term.

Thank you for your attention.


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